Always Write with a Dictionary Open

Let it begin: everyone clamoring to explain why they don’t need to use a dictionary. They know how to spell. They know the meaning of words (or can figure them out based on context). They have spellcheck or Grammarly. Yes — I’ve heard it all, and I still think everyone who writes should write with a dictionary open.

Done with the Ding

The ding of an incoming email used to give me a panic attack. Who was it? What did they want? Did I need to drop everything and answer them? Of course, I did. They expected it. I was providing good customer service by dropping all my work, interrupting my flow and telling them the thing they wanted to know, which was a thing that if they’d only given me a fricking day and a half they could have learned at the same time as everyone else when I made the announcement but now that was going to be at least two days because I kept getting interrupted.

The Good, the Bad, and the House Guest

I'm not the sort of person who really does house guests. At least not frequently or well. And when I have, at least half were memorably Bad Guests. Or Nerve Wracking Guests. Or Why-The-Hell-Did-I-Agree-To-This Guests.

Bring Your Lightsaber to Work Day

You know what more offices should engage in? A national Bring Your Lightsaber to Work Day.

I'm not not-advocating for casual Fridays, or dogs in the office, or kitchens where people can stand the smell long enough to eat. All those things are great. But honestly, a periodic lightsaber battle between co-workers really brightens up cubical living.

You’re a Kdrama Fan, I Know You’ve Wondered About the Metal Chopsticks

If you're a Kdrama fan like I'm a Kdrama fan, I know you've wondered about the prevalence of metal chopsticks. I have several sets of my own, requested as Christmas gifts because that's what they use on TV and here is the appropriate Amazon link and they're dishwasher safe it's awesome.  But sooner or later some … Continue reading You’re a Kdrama Fan, I Know You’ve Wondered About the Metal Chopsticks